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college_fansons's Journal

college hanson fans
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hello! welcome to college fansons. this is a community for hanson fans currently attending college or university. here, fans can meet other fans attending their schools, plan campus events, and discuss our favourite band!

if you join, please comment in this entry with your college information. the compiled list of everyone's information can be found here.

community rules & posting guidelines
1) all members should reply to this post with their college information.
2) keep posts on topic to college life, hanson, or another topic you feel is appropriate.
3) when posting multiple or large images, please use a lj-cut.
4) advertisement (hanson or college related) is allowed IF you make the post worthwhile. add in some hanson photos, a story, a question, etc. if a post only has an advertisement, it will be deleted.
5) please be friendly & keep all drama to a minimum.